How do I book a photography session?

Booking a photography session or event is easy, just fill out the photography form on the website and list your needs. We will contact you whether the date is available (events) or to setup a session.

What’s next after the photoshoot or event?

Although times may vary for editing your photoshoot or event, your images are first backed up in the archive for safe keeping, then master edited for the best quality. This process is labor intensive but every effort will be made for expediency and you will receive a message as soon as they are available.

Can I order prints directly from the website?

Yes, when the images are finished the master editing process you will receive a link for downloading to your device. For convenience you also have the ability to order prints straight from your smartphone or computer. There are a variety of image options available, as well as books and other items. If you dont see your item listed just message us and we can add that item to the list for ordering.

We work with only the best quality print vendors so you can be assured your images wont fade in time and the colors are life-matched. This is a professional courtesy the chain stores cannot guarantee.

Can I order an archive disc copy and does it have a life-expectancy for saving my images?

Archive disc copies are available for an additional fee of $20 and they have a general life-expectancy of 50 years, per the manufacturers suggested warranty. 100 year discs are also available upon request for a $40 fee. Kingtungsten does not guarantee the suggested life-expectancy as noted but use the best media to match the suggested life expectancy. Disc copies are generally more stable than memory media such as flash drives, SSD disc drives, and HDD disc drives which can produce errors.
For sensitive media, a disc copy is recommended for safe keeping because the images are stored and sealed within the media and not subject to environmental, electronic, or physical failure as digital drives can.

Is there a time-limit for digital downloads?

Digital downloads are supported for up to one year from the date of the photoshoot. If for any reason you would lose your data after one year, your imagery may be available for an additional fee at the discretion of the photographer and/or its availability. Archive storage incurs intensive management and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Of course we take every measure to secure your images and make every effort to back you up if data loss should occur.