Directed Events

With over a decade of experience, events have been the backbone of Kingtungsten Photography and the reason is simple: Because you matter and your story deserves to be told the way it happened and with the same intensity as it happened.

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When events happen there’s a narrative that being unraveled, whether we recognize it or not. Usually we dont because we’re living it. But later we wish we could go back in time and share with others what we did. Thats what we do, go back in time because we’re living in the future. If you dont see it about to happen then its already history.

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Filmmaking & Documentary

In our modern culture we have developed the taste for moving pictures like never before in the history of mankind. Telling these rich, complex stories with multimedia has become a standard for amateurs and professionals. But when crafted well they’re not only engaging but they inspire us to try ourselves. Or do something tomorrow.

This begins with direction.

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Experience Is Our Business

Let us take the load off and help you focus forward with an image that will elevate you in life & business. Design and purpose are key elements we rely upon when thinking of who you are and what you want to do.

Few can boast of years of experience in photography & design. We apply our special focus-forward process to guide you in the direction you want to go. After all, unless youre focusing-forward, then youre focusing on others which only leads you into a circle. Let us show you how far you can go with a proper plan.

Call us today to setup a session and leave the worry to us. we will come to you with knowledge and experience. Trust is earned.

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